Export in Holland

Les Pays-Bas ont une économie extraordinaire, alors qu'ils représentent seulement la 56ème population du globe, ils sont 6ème exportateur mondial, 6ème également pour l'accueil des investissement étrangers. La France est le 4ème client et le 6ème fournisseur des Pays-Bas. Les hommes d'affaires Hollandais ont une réputation d'être difficile et de savoir-compter. C'est vrai, mais ils ont la capacité d'ouvrir des marchés dont le volume est bien supérieurs à ce que la taille de leur pays pourrait

Legume Couscous into the main Dutch – Belgian organic channel

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It is under the brand name of this European chain of organic supermarkets that these 4 legume couscous will be marketed in the Benelux

In terms of innovative products, the MDD brings not only immediate notoriety, and therefore guaranteed sales; but the security of a long-term business partnership as well.

Moreover, a private label does not prohibit, but rather open the door, to the manufacturer own brand in a second time.

This is why no exclusivity should be granted in private label.

The dual function of Denan & Associés : definition of export strategy and business input

On the basis of many concrete and verifiable achievements, Denan & Associés proposes – as a first step – an export development strategy to the manufacturer.

Once validated by the manufacturer, Denan & Associés is responsible for marketing to its network of partners covering all of Europe and selected North American markets. Since the prospection; the negotiation of commercial agreements until the payment of the first order and the implementation of promo plans.

The French Gluten-Free Organic Pastas on display in the Netherlands!

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Exporter la Bio française
Exporter la Bio française

Extrait du magazine d’Ekoplaza

Netherlands: the first 100% organic retailer puts french pasta on the front page !!

Break into foreign markets with French pastas, a real challenge!

And yet, it is a considerable success that French gluten-free pasta gather in the Dutch chain Ekoplaza (nearly 100 supermarkets); and that’s why its consumer magazine echoes it.

The unique know-how of the French gluten-free pastas

leader based in Provence

It is generally accepted that the pasta is Italian just as the watch is Swiss, … except when it comes to Organic Gluten-Free Pasta, for the manufacturing of which a specific process know-how is required iin order to achieve a taste quality comparable to standard pasta, the Al Dente effect!

Well, this French pasta, she has it! Indeed, once again it is the innovative French engineering that makes the difference and makes it possible to offset higher domestic production costs than those of our European neighbors. Not mentioning that the Dutch market-plae is a price-oriented market.


The major organic supermarket network in the Netherlands chooses wood-fired pizza

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The Netherlands, how such a small country can be  a priority export marketplace for organic food?

Even it is a very difficult to penetrate due to price sensitivity, where one is facing a strong competition, especially from Germany (knowing that the Dutch are German-speaking) and that again It is a small country of 16.8 million inhabitants very coveted because concentrated and wealthy.

It is, however, a priority marketplace because of its well structured, efficient and concentrated distribution and its very strong organic consciousness.

French rusks in Nederland

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The Dutch customers discover a very French speciality food of dry bread-making, the melba toast. In partnership with an importer specialized in organic delicatessen, a range of organic melba toasts, mini-toasts and crouton are available in the Dutch Organic network. What constitutes only the first stage towards a massive introduction of this range in the retail trade.

The AOC Provencal olive oil of in food services and grocer’s shop in Belgium and in the Netherlands thanks to a partnership of distribution@ negotiated by Jean-Marc Denan

By MatthieuBrunet,

If there is a supersaturated market, it’s the olive oil one. This plethoric makes it very hard to find a reliable and committed distributor. Thanks to its international network, J-M Denan was able to conclude a partnership with the pope of the distribution of delicatessen in Belgium and in the Netherlands since 4 generations.