Export in Europe

Fine chocolates the French way listed by a major European distributor

By denan,

NATUDIS, the first distributor in Holland & Belgium chooses the French bio chocolate

Today, NATUDIS BV is No. 1 in the Netherlands:

It is at once, one of the most important European wholesalers; delivering in the Netherlands 500 independant organic outlets with 9,000 SKU’s ; But also, the franchisor of Natuurwinkel; A chain of 50 supermarkets enjoying an ultra fast development in the Netherlands.

Its subsidiary in Belgium, Hagor-Bioservice, is the main distributor of the flat country. An alliance on the scale of an ambitious export strategy for the French organic chocolate factory

In conclusion,  thanks to this agreement with an international distributor, the French bio chocolaterie added one more link to its international network.

However, the partnership needs to be consolidated by commercial success before being expanded; This is the whole stakes of this test phase.

The new range of Organic / Fair Trade Premium chocolates of the French leader integrates an organic stores chain (75 stores), # 1 in the Netherlands

By MatthieuBrunet,

This Dutch organic chain is popular with suppliers because it weighs 50% of the organic independent market on its own.

This means that the competition is fierce to his door. Two years of work were needed to advance our product USP facing the German and Swiss competitions. 1st year estimated 150K €, twice in two years.