Biofach 2024; deserted by exhibitors and visitors;… and yet still so expensive!

By denan,

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But paradoxically rather productive for the participants

Indeed, in addition to unparalleled working comfort due to the wider aisles, the sparse and less noisy crowds, the numerous empty spaces converted into meeting and relaxation places; the buyers present were more available than ever.

Having organized my prospect and customer meetings in advance, this show was one of the best editions I have participated in 15 years!

A fair that nevertheless remains far too expensive

This is the main and unanimous criticism made by the French exhibitors present at this 2024 edition.

Furthermore, from one national pavilion to another, they noted strong disparities between the cost per square meter that exhibitors pay.

The one charged to companies in the French Pavilion questioning by its price significantly higher than many of their European competitors.

There is undoubtedly plenty of room for improvement to be found (quickly) on operating costs, particularly in these times of budgetary scarcity.

The challenge is high: facilitating the international visibility of SMEs at a lower cost.