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After the 2018 break, 2019 gets off to a flying start

2018 was the time of the great maneuvers; both at suppliers level than manufacturers as well as the networks of distributors.

An over all new deal with the big retailers eager to take the stake of the organic cake; mergers of distributors in Italy, Scandinavia, etc … This was combined with a pause in market growth.

As a result, many operators have suspended or delayed their projects.

2019, we make up for lost time

This is the clear trend that emerges from this Biofach 2019.

We have witnessed a binge of projects from distributors eager for innovation, expansion of range and launch of new projects.

On their side, French manufacturers were not left out; in terms of industrial investments and R & D.

Supply and demand being set at the same tempo, it is highly likely that this year 2019 will be memorable.