The organic food in the world, from a consumption standard to a civilizational phenomenon

By denan,

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In Denmark, the european country with the highest quality of life, quality food should be organic

Whether it is the retail channels or catering in the broad sense, the demand of the informed consumer and demanding a healthy and gourmet diet is now henceforth mainly on organic food.

Far from being confined to those specific to an economic and cultural elite, organic food irrigates all distribution channels; from the Netto discounter to the delicatessen; from school canteen to Tivoli leisure parks and hospitals.

Bio is no longer a marginal mode of diet in rich countries

Fashion phenomenon or late ecological and climatological awareness; undoubtedly a combination of both,organic food knows in every so-called rich countries a double-digit growth that nothing seems to slow down.

From a mode of food consumption to a civilizational phenomenon

So, in rich countries; the diet becomes a carrier of both a health marker – we are what we eat – and a symbolic marker – what I eat contributes to my personal ethics; even define it.

In these conditions, eating Bio is both a matter of rising individually in the social body and of militating collectively for a virtuous evolution of the human race.

It is in this sense that one can speak of a civilizational current.

Will this current prevail over others, mortiferous? That’s the whole point.