Managing a consistent & fast growth

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Growth & race for innovation

NATEXPO, the perfect showcase of the domestic organic market. There was a shared optimism; most manufactuers are in the process of significant expansion or doubling their production capacity in 2018. Growth is the key word, and we are witnessing a real race for innovation.

French organic focuses on the organoleptic and taste qualities of organic foods

It is clear that the French Bio is well seized of its differentiating and “cultural” know-how and seeks to widen the gap with the competition by the organoleptic and taste qualities of the products. This is his interest and his main asset.

Concentration and fertility of the entrepreneurial fabric

In addition, there is an acceleration in the concentrations of SMEs (i.e. Léa Nature) and the positions taken by the conventional CAC 40 agri-food in the organic sector (i.e. participation in Yooji by Danone) as well as the fertility of the entrepreneurial ground which in a few years generates organic SMEs with more than 5 million euros of turnover (i.e. Biogroup).

Sanctuarize the values ​​of the French Bio

There is no doubt that we are witnessing a unique phenomenon in the IAA whose durability will depend on the ability of its historical actors not only to conserve; but to sanstiarize the values ​​that presided over the founding of the French Bio, which is a pioneer in the world.