To export to Denmark, the country of the 1st organic consumers in the world!

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Les pâtes sans gluten Bio française au Danemark avec Denan & Associés

French organic gluten-free pasta in Denmark with Denan & Associés

With 14% (2020), the organic market share is the highest in the world
A small country of nearly 6 million inhabitants but a large organic country; even in the midst of the current economic turmoil.

So, a market to pamper beyond its quantitative volume, for its qualitative potential.

Hegemonic domination of the GMS

In fact, there are hardly any organic shops in Denmark.

With 29% organic market share in 2018, Salling Group and its leading brand, the discounter Netto (more than 500 stores, 17% organic market share) dominate organic distribution alongside Rema 1000 (Reitan group, 326 POS), and SuperBrugsen (234 POS) from Coop Danmark.

Private labeling, the passport to access this very difficult and expensive supermarket to manage from France

This is why the strategic choice of Denan & Associés is to enter into partnerships with local organic cross-brands; provided that they are implemented in all of these brands.

The example here is a private label range

4 gluten-free pasta intended for packaged retail sale;
1 paste for the bulk market; retail, and restoration,
the 5 are also present on the partner’s e-commerce platform.

French gluten-free pasta listed by the first Portuguese organic retail chain

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Pâtes françaises Bio au Portugal

Celeiro is 50 Organic Specialized Stores constituting the first Portuguese organic store brand. Compared to France, this is the equivalent of a chain of 300 outlets ! …

Portugal, a neglected market

Should we ignore this market, just because it is a small country (10.3M inhabitants), whose minimum wage is only €822; and who would have very different consumption habits from ours?

On the contrary, it offers interesting outlets for French organics.

The German Organic retail adopts the Provençal Grissinis

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Gressins provençaux pour l'Allemagne

After Pasta (gluten-free) from Provence, Grissinis!!

The border has never been so porous with our neighbours. It is against another transalpine icon that this organic manufacturer based in Provence is successfully challenging.

Here again, it is innovation that makes the difference to export.

Indeed, these Provençal breadsticks show at least three qualitative changes that have been appreciated:

  1. a crispy lamb’s lettuce then melts in the mouth;
  2. a frank flavoring 100% from the ingredients;
  3. a short recipe with an attractive nutritional balance.

This successful range diversification is the result of a “step by step” strategy

  1. To come firstly with a “spearhead” range concentrating the differentiating know-how of the manufacturer;
  2. Being offered to the export distributor partner the means to protect themselves from competition and to communicate;
  3. Once confidence has been established, unroll its complements to the range.

How to export the French Organic Gourmet Foods?

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The function of packaging.

A tailor-made range : the products were selected in close collaboration with the importer-distributor

The thunderous highlighting of the Corsican origin served by the graphic charter are the framework of a strong, reassuring, hyper-qualitative, indisputable message;… and at little cost.

Through this range of jams, it is indeed all Corsican organic farming that is featured.

Admittedly this “Corsitude” is hammered but does it not constitute an unequaled singularity of these jams?
It is a bias on the scale of the issue; break into an over-mature market where all products display the same quality points.

Here again, the bias is to make full use of the main communication medium for the end consumer, and the least expensive; the facing. This facing too often overlooked or underused.

Militant and dynamic packaging:

Spotlight on the front of the product
Which card to play?

Basically, it doesn’t matter, as long as it :

  • expresses the originality of the product;
  • be educational on the basis of proven arguments;
  • asserts the product Unique Selling Points.
  • Prefer proof to storytelling
  • Banish verbose narrative catchphrases;… “…for six generations…”, hackneyed advice “…to consume with family or friends…”, the all-purpose qualifiers “…delicious…premium…”; the cold and hollow metalanguage of certain communicators.

On the contrary, let us favor objective and measurable arguments.

Self-proclaiming superior taste is subjective, blah-blah; prove that flavors and health benefits result from ingredients:

  • certified and few in number, it can be seen on their list;
  • of identified origin, it can be labeled by an appellation (AOP, IGP, etc.);
  • transformed by a non-destructive process; it is verifiable on the nutritional table.
  • Attention, this rigor should not rhyme with boredom; fantasy, cheerfulness and creativity remain key fuels.

In Benelux, priority to the specialized organic retail trade

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Thanks to the proven partnership (2004) of Denan & Asso. with the Dutch leader in integrated organic distribution.

Integrated because it is both a successful importer-wholesaler serving 400 retailers and the exclusive owner-operator of the largest MSB network (140 POS) in the Benelux.

The choice of Organic Specialized Stores (MSB) Vs conventional supermarkets

It is the truth that in the Netherlands supermarkets hold around 70% of the organic market share. PDM majority owned by the Albert Heijn brand and its dedicated AH Bio brand.

And yet, Denan & Asso. has always focused on MSB’s because the only ones with whom a lasting partnership is possible.

All the Danish retail trade will welcome these French organic pastas branded from an importer-distributor

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An innovative product is nothing without advertising to the consumers

… and therefore the subsequent promotional budget. Private label is the driving force that will bring the mass of consumers to it

A private label is a generic brand, so must promote the USP’s of each product it carries.

It is in the interest of the manufacturer to particularize this private label by providing it with its own USP’s. Why would the distributor deprive himself of this enrichment of his brand?

Where the manufacturer saves on communication and promotion; the distributor saves himself the risks and costs inherent in R&D and industrialization.

Denan & Asso. increases its presence at the 1st Italian organic brand

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With this highly technical protein Fitness range

At a time when this brand is reducing its ranges, it is innovation that makes the difference.

320 points of sale with an average of 300 m2 represents a very significant sales potential.

The 3rd European organic market is a priority target for an exporter of organic products.

Within this vast market, the brand is the most sought-after partner.

The first Portuguese organic retailer lists organic food from France

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And chooses its private label for this gluten-free pasta

And 11! The range is expanding and the French manufacturer has established itself with this major organic distributor.

It is in fact the leader in this very technical market niche of gluten-free pasta and more particularly legumes.

45 organic supermarkets including the largest organic surface in the country are concerned

On the scale of this country of 10M inhabitants, this brand offers a unique exposure.

A quasi-hegemonic position.

High willingness to pay for this private label of the Portuguese Organic consumer

Portuguese purchasing power is less than half that of France.

Nevertheless, the consumer does not shy away from the expense of food reputed to be healthy and nutritionally balanced.

A benefit that we undoubtedly owe to the credibility of this private label and to the care given to the label, which is very well argued.

The Provencal gluten-free organic pastas listed by the main Dutch organic retailer

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Ekoplaza, MSB n°1 aux Pays-Bas

Innovation, key to the success of the French organic food industry

These Legume Tagliatelle are unequivalent.

The only ones that can be cooked and eaten al dente, hot or in salad!

Thanks to very important efforts and investments in R&D, fruit of the engineering and tenacity of the Production Manager.

Such a success is strategic and significant

It will allow the supremacy of the French manufacturer within the specialized and quality organic network – Vs the conventional supermarkets.

A challenge because, no one ignores it, this market is very price oriented (low); the proof that innovation and competitiveness are conciliatory when paired.

A Provencal Bolognese Vegan tomato sauce doing well in Irish supermarkets

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A plant-Based Bolognese Tomato Sauce from Provence

Its recipe remains a mystery for many tomato sauce manufacturers, including transalpine ones, who would have tried to match it.

The secret will obviously not be revealed here.

Once again the French “tour de main” makes the difference.

A distinctive know-how to break into markets by using “niche” entry points.

The distribution of Organic in Ireland is concentrated at 70% in supermarkets

Organic foods benefit from a very broad distribution because it is available in all supermarket chains.

Namely Tesco (140 POS), Dunnes Stores (142 POS), Musgrave Group: Centra (450 POS) & Supervalu (225 POS), Spar (440 POS).

Approach and convince all these buyers from France; impossible mission?

At the very least an inordinate commercial cost.

This is why, once again, the brand of an already well-established wholesaler importer is the solution.

I believe in long term cooperations with common interest sharing goal parteners.