How to launch a new product inexpensively? Tips.

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Exportation de produits biologiques

Why a product launch ?

After having fought for a listing, an agreement with a distributor; the temptation is great to let him have his hand for the launch.

However, everything has only just begun, and success depends on certain factors :

  • support your local partner-distributor;
  • promote product benefits to consumers;
  • ensure an immediate ramp-up of sales in order to pay back:
    • a first production batch specific to this new market;
    • dedicated packaging;
    • transport cost.

But how to finance this marketing at a lower cost?

Empty pocket launching

  • Take advantage of the timing by hooking your launch theme to the media tam-tam of certain periods or recurring events:
    • consumer holidays: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day / Father’s Day; …
    • religious holidays: Easter, Christmas, New Year; …
    • seasonal & social activities : summer barbecue, back to school; …
    • BtoB or BtoC trade fairs.
  • Surf on a simultaneous promo of other products of the same brand thanks to a massive discount matched by the distributor.
  • Communicate online on social networks; in addition to other actions and on the express condition that the accounts of the local distributor are qualified and well referenced.
  • Pair the launch with an already installed product. Cross-marketing is frequently used for complementary products such as pasta / sauces.
  • Organize scarcity: first, voluntarily limit the supply to a few opinion-leader outlets, flagship stores, iconic brands.
  • Communicate on the packaging a specific message to the target audience / countries:
  • activism for an ethical, humanitarian or environmental cause;
  • political or societal teasing or provocation;
  • polling, the act of buying becomes a vote for a cause.

Some examples of event hooking :

Obvious for confectionery! Chocolate is over-consumed during all religious (Easter, Pessah,…) and social (Valentine’s Day) holidays.

Seasonal for special meat and fish seasonings, very welcome at spring when barbecues are blooming.

Activist, the Fair Trade Bio chocolate, claiming on its facing, International Days crowdfunding ; from Forests on March 21, from Earth on April 22 (both established by the UN).

Teasing, this bag of Gluten Free Legume asking “for or against Gluten”!

Provocative, this organic vegan Bolognese sauce displaying a hilarious beef making the V for victory.

The product facing is the cheapest and easiest way to address consumers.

And yet, this is too often a weak point; this “free” advertising page is generally underused or even non-differentiating.

Let’s give our product every chance by making it specific according to the consumer and the target country.

No matter which launch method you choose, you’ll never have a second chance to make a good first impression.

In the front line with consumers, the product itself will take care of it.