The genuine Organic Provençal Ratatouille in German supermarkets

By denan,

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Organic food combined with terroir. A winning recipe for export in an ultra-competitive market

It only took two batches of samples before this organic delicatessen brand, leader in Germany, approves the Ratatouille from this Provençal craft manufacturer.

Clearly a performance when we consider the quantity of ersatz competitors of this popular Mediterranean dish which floods the market, at low prices.

The German organic market – the 1st market in Europe and 2nd worldwide in volume – is clearly segmented

This is a well-known virtue of a mature market.

It offers two entrances; that of price – the lowest – and that of absolute quality – and/or value for money – the highest.

It is this ultra-qualitative segment that French agri-food SMEs must aim for, often over-quality… and always over-priced.