Exporting Organic Made in France, “Value” rather than price?

By denan,

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Exportation de produits biologiques

It is a proven fact that organic food made in France is too often the most expensive in Europe

Try to convince a buyer that he is the one buying too cheaply, to the blatant detriment of his own customers; a pain !

“… You are 10 to 20% more expensive than your German, Dutch, Belgian competitors …” this is what I would hear in trade negotiations; … if I had not prepared the ground.

But I don’t talk to them about “Quality”; an argument overused for a long time by big industry; but of “Value”.

What is Value?

Value is the opposite of easy standardization which only relies on the lowest possible price, until completely vampirizing a product.

A strategy based on the only low price is a dead end, for all.

High Value products are complex to design, but it becomes a barrier to market entry for competitors.

And after ? Concretely, how to Export an expensive Organic Food Made in France?

After ? Well that’s before!

From the design of a product, it is based on the needs and well-being of consumers, in a holistic approach.

Not of what appears to be easy or only profitable to manufacture; but of what will be beneficial to consume, fully; for everyone, individuals and the community.

So a plant-based breakfast …

It can be manufactured according to a standardized and energy-intensive industrial process, destroying nutrients, based on ingredients that consume large amounts of resources (water), “enriched” with sugars, fats and vitamins, packaged in packaging and overpack then imposed on the market. with spurious ads. In the end, a product that will be very expensive for health and the environment.

The High Value plant-based Breakfast is based on organic sprouted seeds, its process will not destroy their natural virtues and it will be content with a recyclable bag.

Moreover, its definition and its composition as well lie in two lines.

Certainly R&D, technicality and creativity upstream; but in the end much more virtuous, much better in the mouth and for the stomach!