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Jean-Marc DENAN : Resume

Jean-Marc Denan, senior consultant
export developer in the fine food sector


Jean-Marc Denan
Married, 2 children

Personal advisor to numerous small & medium sized food companies, Mr. Jean-Marc Denan serves as senior consultant, managing on a daily basis their export trade, as well as defining and overseeing their strategy of international development.

The food company advised by Mr. Jean-Marc Denan are leader in various niche markets belonging to the Mediterranena Diet foods trend such as : confectionery, chilled and frozen premium ready meals, organic and health food, fresh vegetables, gourmet preserves, distinctive spirits, etc?

On behalf those food companies, Mr. Jean-Marc Denan is closely monitoring all major food market trends in Europe and America such as organic, Mediterranean and ethnic foods. Mr. Jean-marc Denan is also dealing on a day-to-day basis with the European main key accounts of the retail and the catering food trade.

From 1990 to June 1994, Mr. Jean-Marc Denan was the CEO of DG International Marketing in Budapest (Hungary), a subsidiary of DG Marketing, Inc. (Los Angeles) expanding the company’s activities throughout the former iron curtains countries. In particular, Mr. Jean-Marc Denan has developed numerous partnership programs supported by the French government between French and Hungarian companies. In this area, Mr. Jean-Marc Denan, have done all financial and feasibility studies leading to the first buyout in this region by a major French food company.

Prior to assuming the leadership of DGIM, Mr. Jean-Marc Denan was the deputy Chairman of DG Marketing, Inc., in Los Angeles, a market study and consultancy corporation. At that time he was involved with both the private and the public sectors. Principals from the private sector where companies aiming the West Coast American marketplace and looking for market datas and partners research. For the public sectors such as banks, local authorities, cities and institutional, Mr. Jean-Marc Denan was active in territorial marketing.

Prior to founding DGM in Los Angeles, Mr. Jean-Marc Denan worked in U-K in various areas including real estate and entertainment.

Mr. Jean-Marc Denan holds bachelor’s and master’s-level degrees in philosophy and literature from the University of Aix en Provence. He is fluent in English, confident in Spanish and his native French.