French-style gluten-free organic pastas in Finnish supermarkets

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exporter la bio française

About 900 stores

With 900 stores dispatched according to store sizes in K-market, K-supermarket, K-citymarket and K-extra; 33% of market share(2015); K-food is the second Finnish retailer. Organic food represents 2000 product dispalyed and about a 1.6% – 6-7% in urban areas – sales share, increasing 10% per year.

Proceeding with the Scandinavian implantation, a priority market to French organic  food

After Sweden & Denmark, Finland is the third and penultimate step – still Norway – of this Scandinavian global presence.

Scandinavia’s bio-growth and penetration rates – up to 17% in Denmark – its high purchasing power, its highly structured retail network, etc., makes it a priority play ground for international development of the french organic gourmet food industry.