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undefined.De l'obtention des aides et financements à la stratégie et la communication; de la prospection, la négociation des contrats et l'organisation de RV acheteurs sur les salons spécialisés, c'est un accélérateur de croissance internationale, sous la forme d'un service export externe. Denan & Associés s'adresse aux primo exportateurs et exportateurs confirmés maitrisant leur production. D&A s'est fait une spécialité de la négociation de contrats MDD très avantageux pour des PME agroalimentaires. Jean-Marc Denan est également rédacteur d'articles de fond dans la presse professionnelle.

How to export Organic French pastries

By denan,

Organic Breton spice breads at Biomercado – the biggest organic Portuguese supermarket – and Celeiro the most important organic network (45 stores)

In order to export pastry, the recipes must be approved. But prior to a full-scale commercialization throughout the network; it is also a question of testing the willingness to pay of Portuguese consumers. Indeed, these pastries whose weights have been downsized in order to reduce the RSP (VAT 23%) remain more expensive than the average radius.

Two great assets to export the French bakery French pastry

Taste, organoleptic quality as well as recipe and ingredients without any equivalent on the market are needed. all the more so when it results more flavors & pleasure for … a lower than average sugar level.

Once again it is qualitative innovation that makes it possible to penetrate a very competitive and price-oriented market and to create barriers to competition.