Export in Belgium

La Belgique est un petit marché frontalier certes, mais qui ne doit pas être négligé et traité à part entière comme un marché export. En effet c'est un marché unique en Europe par sa diversité linguistique (Français, Néerlandais et Allemand) et politique (région Bruxelloise, Wallonie et Flandres). Compte tenu de cette fragmentation, l'erreur serait de se contenter de distributeurs qui ne seraient bien implantés que dans une partie du territoire.

Nature & progrès “Ile de Ré” sea salts into the Benelux organic network

By denan,

Organic salt?

Salt is considered as a mineral and therefore it cannot be certified from organic farming; but a recent European rule will allow sea salts to be so, by 2021.

In the meantime, a raw sea salt accredited by Nature & Progrès mixed with organic dehydrated spices and plants is organic-certifiable; this is the case of this range which found a distributor in the Belgium-Nederland-Luxemborg area (BENELUX); an ultra-dynamic market of nearly 30 million consumers who are keen on Bio.

Why the Ile de Ré?

By its geographical configuration, its eco-system and its mode of inland harvesting sea salts; this territory is naturally protected from the risks of both terrestrial and maritime pollution (oil spills). This is why it is recognized by the certification bodies as a salt that is fully compatible with the Organic reference system.






French organic gum and licorices candies in Belgium biological specialized network

By MatthieuBrunet,

2 months only after the Biofach fair (in February, 2012) where meetings where planned by Denan and Asso . a Belgian distributor listed the range and made a first oder. A success rather encouraging for the qualitative production of this small manufacturer competing with organic candies made according to industrial process and with less noble raw materials.

The DOP Espelette chili raises the dishes of the flat country (Belgium)!

By MatthieuBrunet,

After Germany and Scandinavia, it is the Benelux which founds in love with the DOP Espelette chili thanks to a partnership with a distributing importer 50 years experienced distributor of grocery fine products. A whole range was conceived besides the powder hot pepper, mustard, jelly, purée, coulis, salt, oil, etc….