Export in Canada

French Organic Pastas in Canada

By denan,

The French organic agro-food know-how Bio recognized even in terms of … Pasta!

It’s is a Provençal manufacturer who made it with this leader in organic distribution.

Thus, this success brings to 7 the number of organic pasts displayed in the retail trade. It is therefore with a representative range of the catalog – 3 gluten-free organic pasta, 2 egg pasta and 2 Gourmet flavored pasta – that this Provençal manufacturer has consolidated its position.

Organic AND Delicious : The winning combo of the French food industry

This is not at random, but the result of a know-how based on the adaptation of production processes to each type of raw materials, the respect of their physical properties and the optimization of their taste potential.

Indeed, where a transalpine manufacturer for example will use the same type of line and process for all types of pasta; this manufacturer uses different ones suitable for every production.

What strengthen the local partnership since it is the brand of distributer that was adopted

The goat cheese / sun dried tomato spread in Canada

By MatthieuBrunet,

The Fromageries Hamel in Montreal adopts the delicious dried tomatoes and goat cheese spread developed and produced in Languedoc (southern France). Beyond the commercial success, it is vital for the real French-style Delicatessen to exported its specialities to upgrade the markets and compromise the so called fine products which invade shelves in France and in the world.

Provencal olives, sauces and condiments in Canada

By MatthieuBrunet,

This distributor will offer to these products a distribution(casting) in grocer’s shop (among which eight solely) and in commercial restoration(catering) (among which 2 establishments solely, in Quebec but also on other Provinces. Enjoying a prestigious name, he is the ideal partner to promote the delights the Mediterranean Sea in Canada.

The Provence oil in Canada

By MatthieuBrunet,

With these 5 big delicatessens stores and his warehouse the new Canadian distributor of the olive oil of the Domain of Taurenne located in the Var has access to a really selective distribution network, what was final goal regarding its small production capacity (25.000 liters).