Export in Denmark

I export in Denmark for years. Danish market is opening wider and wider to the French speciality foods especially if they are organic.

The French Organic Fair Trade Confectionery in Denmark

By denan,
confiserie Bio française

With an annual expenditure of 227 € (2016), Denmark is after Switzerland (274 € / year) the 2nd per capita organic market place within Europe.

It is thus a priority market where the specialized networks are marginal and the big players the retail trade.

Because the volumes are here, the listing are very hard to get for a SME manufacturer.

COOP Denmark lists the French organic pastas for its premium PL IRMA

By denan,

IRMA (80 stores), a premium brand very committed in the Bio

It is a beautiful Scandinavian organic PL that IRMA. Its very neat design symbolizes the rigorous selection and superior quality of the products. This is indeed the case of the French organic legumes pasta that won in Italy (!) the price of the best red lentils pasta.

IRMA belongs to the COOP group (1200 stores), owner of the first Scandinavian organic brand, ÂNGLAMARK

That’s why this PL is strategic, it’s the first step towards the COOP Scandinavian organic super brand, ÂNGLAMARK sticked in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Pâtes & terrine in Denmark

By MatthieuBrunet,

After the traditional Farmhouse pâté in terrine, the pure pork Rillette, the country style Pâté; Farmhouse pâté and pure pork Rillette are now available the Danish gastronomes. Present in delicatessen and in food service, sales forecasts for 2014 are circa 4 tons.

Scandinavia love french terrines

By MatthieuBrunet,

The Danish specialist of French cheeses decided to market french terrines (pâtés and rillettes). The distribution will be made through cheese stores, restaurants and caterer all over the most prosperous region of Denmark.