Export delicatessen

Thanks to 25 years exporting French Gourmet Food worldwide, I have now a huge network or importers/distributoirs wolrdwide.

The first Portuguese organic retailer lists organic food from France

By denan,

And chooses its private label for this gluten-free pasta

And 11! The range is expanding and the French manufacturer has established itself with this major organic distributor.

It is in fact the leader in this very technical market niche of gluten-free pasta and more particularly legumes.

45 organic supermarkets including the largest organic surface in the country are concerned

On the scale of this country of 10M inhabitants, this brand offers a unique exposure.

A quasi-hegemonic position.

High willingness to pay for this private label of the Portuguese Organic consumer

Portuguese purchasing power is less than half that of France.

Nevertheless, the consumer does not shy away from the expense of food reputed to be healthy and nutritionally balanced.

A benefit that we undoubtedly owe to the credibility of this private label and to the care given to the label, which is very well argued.

Soft flavored mustards Perigord in fine Italian grocery

By MatthieuBrunet,

It was during the last CIBUS (05-08/05/2014) held within the golden triangle of the Italian gastronomy, Parma, that was launched on the Italian market this fine range of flavored-mustardy sauces. Integrating the main catalog of this importer-distributor highly specialized in French and … English (!) deli, the SME knows she just hits at the heart of its target, 2500 potential customers spread over throughout Italy.

The goat cheese / sun dried tomato spread in Canada

By MatthieuBrunet,

The Fromageries Hamel in Montreal adopts the delicious dried tomatoes and goat cheese spread developed and produced in Languedoc (southern France). Beyond the commercial success, it is vital for the real French-style Delicatessen to exported its specialities to upgrade the markets and compromise the so called fine products which invade shelves in France and in the world.

Scandinavia love french terrines

By MatthieuBrunet,

The Danish specialist of French cheeses decided to market french terrines (pâtés and rillettes). The distribution will be made through cheese stores, restaurants and caterer all over the most prosperous region of Denmark.

A caterer of Stockholm and his 7 restaurants adopts the semi-cooked French Duck foie gras

By MatthieuBrunet,

Stockholm is one of the world capitals of the Scandinavian gastronomy. It counts six Michelin starred restaurants and numerous classic establishments which attract the gourmets and the gastronomic critics of the whole world. Thanks to a ancient and solid partnership with local importer, it is the best of the French foie gras which is going to treat them.
Picture : Top class restaurant Operakällaren in Stockholm

AOC Provence Olive and Belgium cash & carry

By MatthieuBrunet,

The world overproduction, the diversity and rather high quality of the offer of olive oil are not to facilitate its exportation, in particular as regards AOC (PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN) Provence, at the very high price. Indeed, Spain, Italy, Greece dominates widely in this domain. It is the challenge that took over Denan and Partners with this AOC Provence from the region of Aups ( Var).