Export in Spain

.Since Spain joined the EU, my sales have grown constantly in this country and today my network is really strong.

A French manufacturer exports gluten-free organic couscous to Spain

By denan,

Innovation at Biofach 2019, the first 100% couscous with legumes available in Europe

Export the gluten-free organic to the French. It is done, these couscous mono-varietal (lentils, chickpeas) ready in 5 minutes have aroused great interest in Biofach 2019.

And besides, the first listing fells just two months later.

It is a Spanish chain of a hundred organic supermarkets that was the first to decide.

After the pasta 100% Légumineuse, this French SME knows a new success story export by innovation
Indeed, other Bio distribution networks; in Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark and Germany have announced their intentions to follow suit before spring.

Thanks to a partnership with a Catalan distributor, J-M Denan introduces distinctive frozen food in the Spanish food service amrket

By MatthieuBrunet,

The Spanish market of the deep-frozen prepared dishes, in particular that of the food service, is not considered as a quality oriented one. It is on the contrary a price oriented market. That’s why there are so few potential partners in search of distinctive frozen food and so difficult to seduce them! This is the Catalan food service regional market – the second in volume after Madrid’s – which is aimed by this distributorship agreement concluded by Denan and Partners with a wholesaler very dynamic and positioned on qualitative niches.

French speciality cheeses in Spain

By MatthieuBrunet,

Brilat-Savarin, creation of the XVIII century eponymic gastronome who wrote the ” Physiology of the Taste ” pursues its conquest of the world of the gastronomes and gains the Spanish connoisseurs.