Export in Great Britain

export in UK for 20 years now, due a huge network of contact within the gourmet food distribution.

A 4th SKU of Organic Provençal pasta in English and Irish supermarkets

By denan,
Pâtes Bio aux légumineuses en Angleterre

Organic pasta with legumes in England

French organic gluten-free pasta exports well to the United Kingdom.
Barely a year has passed since the introduction of a first range of French organic legume pastas.

Building on the volume of sales, this British leader in “healthy food” (1,800 points of sale over 16 countries) is expanding its range of organic gluten-free pasta made in France.

Yes, from EU and France the UK is still an exotic market

Although located within a drop distance of France, Brexit England remains a “special” European market.

Nothing is similar to the commercial codes of the European Union. From certifications and regulations to business law, including logistical and customs hassles, and invoicing outside the euro zone.

But a dynamic market with strong purchasing power and very concentrated distribution

Once the (many) technical obstacles have been overcome, it is an organic market which offers impressive turnover prospects.

Organic French fruit juices and soft drinks in English delicatessens

By denan,
Exportation boissons Bio : Cette chaine emblématique de Londres a été conquise par l’excellence des boissons biologiques françaises.

Export syrups, smoothies, lemonades, French flavored organic teas

Here, organic soft drinks come out of specialized networks for export.

Indeed, their taste and organoleptic qualities liken them rather to gourmet food.

It’s the choice of an ultra-exclusive chain of wine merchants in London

This iconic London chain has been conquered by the excellence of French organic drinks.

A 5-star launch pad for these organic soft drinks that will conquer other UK hyper-qualitative networks !

fresh salads in top UK restaurants

By MatthieuBrunet,

For many years, CITY HERBS supplies the most sensitive UK restaurants with fresh fruits, herbs & vegetables.

That’s why it is so dificult to become a new CITY HERBS supplier, and to stay as one.

It is now 4 years that SORAM VITACROC have a strong partnership with CITY HERBS and turnover still increases steadily.


By MatthieuBrunet,

The major UK retailer have choosen Midi Conserves from Bollene (northern Provence) for its own label range of spread, dips and sauces from Provence.

The web site of J Sainsbury’s shows 4 recipes out of Midi Conserve tapenades (green & black).

This project launched in January 2001 and drived the same year by Jean-marc Denan was then managed by Midi Conserve’s team in 2002 for the factory audit and the final range specifications.


By MatthieuBrunet,

Waitrose is probably the most innovative and quality oriented retailer in UK.

That is why it was clear for the buyer that the BANON to be sold under the Waitrose Premium own label “Waitrose select” could not be a copy but the real one Banon, the AOC.

The buyer picked up the most famous BANON? the one wrapped in chestnut leaves and tighten with Raffia.

The Waitrose Select BANON? displayed in a wooden tray marked Provence was launched in April, sales are really good according to the buyer about 1000 a week in 100 stores.