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Des pâtes au Chanvre provençale en Italie !

By denan,
promotion de petits déjeuners bio en Italie

Les produits contenant du chanvre sont parmi les aliments biologiques à la croissance la plus rapide en 2019, et aussi en 2020.

Mais est-il vrai aussi que ces délicieuses pâtes au chanvre disponibles en Italie via les grands réseaux de magasins bio sont fabriquées dans le sud de la France, en Provence, près d’Avignon?

En effet, ça l’est !

Organic food supplements in Italy

By denan,

In the middle of the pandemic, the organic trade did not give up on innovation. This project launched at Biofach 2020 was completed in 30 days. The products will be in store at the very beginning of spring.

Innovation, the main fuel for successful export

While the market is crowded – that of organic food supplements – the extremely tense period, this range is listed as a priority because it brings real qualitative innovation to the market segment.

Exporting organic gluten-free gluten pastas en Italie

By denan,
Les meilleures pâtes bio aux égumineuses italiennes seraiant françaises

A lost in advance bet

Exporting French pasta to Italy is impossible. That is true; Except in the case of Bio Gluten-free legume pastas consumables Al Dente, the “Italian way” precisely; What the Italian competition does not succeed as well!

For export, process & technical innovation make the difference

In fact it is a dedicated production tool combined with an innovative process that made the difference. And now the pasta with French legumes is worth a respectable place in hundreds of Italian organic outlets.

Soft flavored mustards Perigord in fine Italian grocery

By MatthieuBrunet,

It was during the last CIBUS (05-08/05/2014) held within the golden triangle of the Italian gastronomy, Parma, that was launched on the Italian market this fine range of flavored-mustardy sauces. Integrating the main catalog of this importer-distributor highly specialized in French and … English (!) deli, the SME knows she just hits at the heart of its target, 2500 potential customers spread over throughout Italy.

The French Organic dry bread-making in all Italy in Organic shops and non-pharmaceutical chemist’s

By MatthieuBrunet,

Branded with the Italian partner trade mark, the French rusks and grilled toasts will be marketed in Italy by 20 representatives of the distributor. Objective, approximately 800 organic stores, among whom 300 herbalist’s shops and non-pharmaceutical chemist’s very active in the marketing of dietary and biological products

Following Biofach Denan & Asso. find a distributor in Italy

By MatthieuBrunet,

It is on the occasion of SANA (Bologna, 09-12 sept 2012) that will be launched the range of the French leader of of the organic almonds and hazelnuts products. The first contact was organized by JM Denan at BIOFACH 2012. After a process of range selection and technical fittings (packagings, shelf life).

Bread-making : joint development of an innovative food product between a manufacturer and its Italian distributor

By MatthieuBrunet,

Co-developed by a French SME (SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE) and its Italian distributor : a “functional” Organic melba toast without any equivalent on the market!

Both partners are winning; the manufacturer who has an innovating product that he would not have been able to finalize by himself and the distributor who gains a true weapon to fight commercially on a very competitive market.

J-M Denan develops exportation of organic melba toasts In Italy.

By MatthieuBrunet,

The Organic Italian market is a priority for french SME; in particular based in the South, because besides a geographical nearness, it is very structured and still growing. Break into this market, ruled by the Mediterranean diet demand a qui good technical level allied to an excellent organoleptic quality. The Italian consumers are very demanding and used to a food pleasure, be it be organic.