Export of regional products

I export the French speciality food for 20 years now, thanks to the impressive gourmet food distributors network I've set up years after years years.

Export organic seasonings in Europe

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Export organic seasonings

300 delicatessens, cheese-makers, caterers and delicatessen finally have access to the best of French-style organic cuisine thanks to this superb and original range of aromatized salts and flowers of salt from the Ile de Ré.

In terms of salt competition is tough and often low cost

It is really very difficult to differentiate with an ingredient as common as salt. Was it sea salt, from the island of Ré. The bet has been taken to value it by the organic certification of a wide range of blends, the “Herbal Salts” and the UMAMI mixes.

Nature & progrès “Ile de Ré” sea salts into the Benelux organic network

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Organic salt?

Salt is considered as a mineral and therefore it cannot be certified from organic farming; but a recent European rule will allow sea salts to be so, by 2021.

In the meantime, a raw sea salt accredited by Nature & Progrès mixed with organic dehydrated spices and plants is organic-certifiable; this is the case of this range which found a distributor in the Belgium-Nederland-Luxemborg area (BENELUX); an ultra-dynamic market of nearly 30 million consumers who are keen on Bio.

Why the Ile de Ré?

By its geographical configuration, its eco-system and its mode of inland harvesting sea salts; this territory is naturally protected from the risks of both terrestrial and maritime pollution (oil spills). This is why it is recognized by the certification bodies as a salt that is fully compatible with the Organic reference system.






Organic flavored salts from the Ile de Ré in Danish supermarkets!

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Smart positioning in international organic markets!

Since January 1st, 2018, the range of flavored salts of Ile de Ré is certified by ECOCERT. While the salt and the fleur de sel proper are the subject of an approval of NATURE & PROGRESS.

The Danish consumer is much more expert than the French one; he is very well informed about the origin, recipes and nutritional values ​​of his food.

In this market where competition is raging from all over the planet, the organic argument needs to be legitimized by a nutritional benefit understandable by each consumer. Namely a significant decrease in the daily salt intake.

Thus, a commonplace product, salt, conquers the market of the country where it makes the best living in the world (2017 ranking of The Social Progress Imperative by Michael E. Porter, Harvard and Scott Stern, MIT.)!

When the Danish supermarket likes, it does not count and the 500 NETTO have been able to order by truck.

Foie gras terrine and pâtés with Pineau wine in Scandinavian restaurants

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French Terroirs acclaimed by  the Scandinavian food service trade

Pâtés and terrine of foie gras find their way to the Danish tables thanks to short recipes combining little processed ingredients with natural flavors and secured origin.

Conventional or organic, we find its values in the French agro-food industry

Indeed, this is what gourmets around the world are looking for,  healthy pleasures.

The french gourmet crisps in Ireland.

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This is a leading importer / distributor who cracked for wasabi chips, blue, Roquefort and walnuts, 3 peppers, truffles, etc … made in Provence. A very interesting partnership because it will distribute the products in the catering sector (RHF) and to the public in specialized stores.

To export French Gourmet crisps in Scandinavia

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Following the buyer tasting evenings held alongside the 2014 PLMA (Amsterdam, May) by Denan & Associates; it is a leading Danish distributor who was seduced by the flavored Provencale gourmet crisps. A test is scheduled in January into all the major Danish retailers. If it is successful, the products will be distributed in a second time in all the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden).

The french walnut cake in UK

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“Cup of tea” ne rime plus avec scones et cookies mais avec “walnut tart” (tarte aux noix . Cette mini-révolution gastronomique en perfide Albion on la doit à Frank Tonel qui a su séduire la clientèle la plus exigeante du monde en matière de pâtisserie avec ses sublimes tartes aux noix du Périgord.