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The best of Organic Fine Food in the Benelux

By denan,
Exporter épicerie fine Bio avec Denan & Associéss

Unique and innovative, this range of organic delicacies with truffles …

Export organic delicatessen! It’s done with this refined set of Organic Truffled Oils & Condiments now available in all Naturata supermarkets.

Naturata, 13 points of sale from 300 to 600m2 both retailers and organic restaurateurs.

A leader in organic distribution for a luxury organic range

The NATURATA chain is owned by the Luxembourg group OIKOPOLIS.

It is the largest and oldest organic player in the region with an MSR of over 30% (GMS 60%, other MSB + direct sales 10%).

A small market by size but not by the level of organic consumption

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (614,000 inhab.) has the 3rd largest GDP / capita in the world (behind Qatar & Monaco) with 109,000 US $ / capita (France n ° 29 with 43,000 US $ / capita).

It is the 4th largest player in the world in terms of organic consumption per capita.

…; € 203 per person / year, behind Switzerland (€ 288), Denmark (€ 278) and Sweden (€ 237); Germany and the USA tied (€ 122). France was 9th in this ranking (118 €). *

De facto, an ideal market for organic delicatessen!

…; which is aimed at bio-consumers with the highest willingness to pay!

( * ) 2017 figures