Export in Canada

Exporting the French Bio to North America : the French Organic Egg Pastas crosses the Atlantic

By denan,

To export fresh eggs pastas in Canada. Nice performance for this Organic Provencal manufacturer

What could have convinced this Canadian distributor to go for French Tagliatelle?

No doubt it’s innovation. She won the adhesion of this partner with gluten-free pasta having no tasting equivalence

As a matter fo facts, the door was open with gluten-free organic (legumes) pastas of superior quality than the Italian competition – because cookable Al Dente.

French know-how in the food process can make the difference despite its higher price when it innovates without losing sight of its DNA of culinary excellence. And when he targets the right target.

BTW; Would the Young Organic Foodista (YOF) represent the heart of the target of French Bio? Its medium and long-term export opportunity?

It can be deduced from the fact that this YOF is educated, nomadic, caring for his food and especially ready to pay much higher prices than his elders when it comes to taste quality. For the YOF Organic Food is neither a good-citizen obligation, a choice of life, but a search for pleasure, … free from guilt.

Gluten free french pastas in Canada

By MatthieuBrunet,

It is a historical organic distributor in Quebec, No. 2 by volume with 2300 SKU’s who will distribute the french legumes pasta.

This partner who operates its own Bio supermarket supply both the Retail trade (617 stores) and the natural food network (400 stores).

The french seasoned olives from southern France in Canada

By MatthieuBrunet,

This cheese & deli chain from Quebec chose to buy in France these seasoned olives with spices & herbs. Considering this is a market where usually dominates low costs producers from Greece, Spain, Italy, etc … it is a victory for the French touch and know-how

A bespoke packaging for the range dedicated to the Canadian marketplace

By MatthieuBrunet,

It took two years of preparation to set up the Canadian range to the French organic leading brand to implement a national distribution partnership stalling a range and pricing structure adapted to a particular trading network that involves cascading importer-distributor and brokers (the equivalent of a sales force outsourced) and finally the chain stores and independent outlets.