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The German organic network promotes Gluten-Free Provençal Pasta

By denan,
Le réseau spécialisé Bio allemand promeut la pâtes san gluten Provençale

By volume, Germany is the main organic market in UE

Distribution is extremely efficient there from a logistical point of view, less greedy than its EU neighbors in terms of margins, and benefits from a pro-company eco-system.

This is why a price oriented market

And as such, a difficult market to penetrate for French products which are generally more expensive than those of their European counterparts.

But who also recognizes global value and innovation

It is on these criteria of overall values – organoleptic, taste, and nutritional – that the German organic network favors French gluten-free pastas.

French-style gluten-free organic pastas in Finnish supermarkets

By denan,
exporter la bio française

About 900 stores

With 900 stores dispatched according to store sizes in K-market, K-supermarket, K-citymarket and K-extra; 33% of market share(2015); K-food is the second Finnish retailer. Organic food represents 2000 product dispalyed and about a 1.6% – 6-7% in urban areas – sales share, increasing 10% per year.

Proceeding with the Scandinavian implantation, a priority market to French organic  food

After Sweden & Denmark, Finland is the third and penultimate step – still Norway – of this Scandinavian global presence.

Scandinavia’s bio-growth and penetration rates – up to 17% in Denmark – its high purchasing power, its highly structured retail network, etc., makes it a priority play ground for international development of the french organic gourmet food industry.