Exporter Bleu Blanc Cœur


The French poultry at Swiss starred restaurants

By denan,
Le pigeonneau un met de roi

After Benelux and Scandinavia, Switzerland voted for the Bleu Blanc Cœur certified pigeons from Poitou

The importer which listed it serves 80 wholesalers in the 26 cantons, including the starred restaurant of the proud Geneva!

The Pigeons from Poitou kicks put its rivals from large general poultry groups.

David defeats Goliath with a tasty knockout!

Export, a lifeline for this sector in the way for organic certification

The Bleu Blanc Cœur young pigeon breeding sector would not have survived without the persistence and determination of this Poitevine SME.

These new export outlets partly offset the collapse of the catering markets in Europe.

The n ° 1 of Cash & Cary in the Benelux prefers small French poultry

By denan,
Exporter au Benelux avec Denan & Associés

In spite of the more than critical situation which is that of the European food service;…

…; 55 cash leader in the Netherlands and Belgium adopts the Pigeonneaux Bleu Blanc Cœur; soon the very first to obtain an organic certification.

The sign of a significant premium to unparalleled quality, the result of hyper specialization.

In a market dominated by poultry generalist groups ; it is a regional SME offering hyper differentiated products which wins the market.