Exporter la Bio en Allemagne

The genuine Organic Provençal Ratatouille in German supermarkets

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Exporter l'agroalimentaire biologique, la Ratatouille Provençale Bio en GMS Allemande

Organic food combined with terroir. A winning recipe for export in an ultra-competitive market

It only took two batches of samples before this organic delicatessen brand, leader in Germany, approves the Ratatouille from this Provençal craft manufacturer.

Clearly a performance when we consider the quantity of ersatz competitors of this popular Mediterranean dish which floods the market, at low prices.

The German organic market – the 1st market in Europe and 2nd worldwide in volume – is clearly segmented

This is a well-known virtue of a mature market.

It offers two entrances; that of price – the lowest – and that of absolute quality – and/or value for money – the highest.

It is this ultra-qualitative segment that French agri-food SMEs must aim for, often over-quality… and always over-priced.

The sea salt from Ile de Ré in German food service

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Exportation de produits biologiques en Allemagne

From Sept. 2023, certified Organic and IGP Ile de Ré

It is undoubtedly the most traditional and most expensive organic sea salt in the world.

In competition with other European organic sea salts, including Portuguese, it has an appeal above all in terms of origin and image.

The German Ministry of Agriculture wants to develop organic food in canteens and restaurants

On February 15, 2023, the German government adopted amendments to promote the introduction of organic products in out-of-home restaurants, such as canteens, cafeterias and restaurants.*

The amendments, approved by the cabinet, should serve as the basis for a draft ordinance on catering outside biological homes, currently being formalized. **

* & ** source: EURACTIV

The German organic network promotes Gluten-Free Provençal Pasta

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Le réseau spécialisé Bio allemand promeut la pâtes san gluten Provençale

By volume, Germany is the main organic market in UE

Distribution is extremely efficient there from a logistical point of view, less greedy than its EU neighbors in terms of margins, and benefits from a pro-company eco-system.

This is why a price oriented market

And as such, a difficult market to penetrate for French products which are generally more expensive than those of their European counterparts.

But who also recognizes global value and innovation

It is on these criteria of overall values – organoleptic, taste, and nutritional – that the German organic network favors French gluten-free pastas.

Organic French pasta in the German Reformhaus

By denan,
Exportation de produits biologiques en Allemagne

The most compétitive market in Europe

By far the most important in volume and served by very efficient wholesalers and distribution; it offers quantitative opportunities which attract the most competitive manufacturers.

This is why it is the most difficult European organic market to break into, and sustain, for a French SME.

The Organic and Good French food is laboriously “bankable” there !

The French organic know-how, a priority given to flavors and noble ingredients, does not compensate for its high pricing facing of the german taste relative rusticity and its ultra-competitive prices.

So, The French organic pasta brand will find its place, but not in German supermarkets

With this extension, the French organic gluten-free pasta brand will have 13 SKUs in the Reformhaus.

This success is due to the responsiveness and innovative capacity of the SME.

Indeed, the 3 new varieties fill market niches neglected by big-biofabs.