Exporter la Bio en Italie

French gluten-free organic pastas in Italian supermarkets!

By denan,
Les pâtes Bio sans gluten françaises en GMS italienne !

Export French Organic know-how private labeled

The Italian N°1 multi-channel organic distributor worked out the finest design for its PL pastas dedicated to the retail market.

He selected the French pastas on a purely Qualitative basis.

No doubt about it; aren’t the Italians the undisputed masters when it comes to pastas!!

Quality resulting from an innovation

The QUALITATIVE excellence of these legume pastas does not come from nowhere. They has been crowned by an Italian jury who awarded in 2016 during the Organic fair in Bologna, SANA, with best legume paste prize!

Neither bla-bla, nor phony storytelling, but a technological step up which lead to a specific manufacturing process and line designed by this manufacturer.

In 2014, this pioneer manufacturer of Legumes gluten-free pasta created his own low-temperature/low-speed process using only indigenous flours with none of these additives necessary on the high-speed industrial lines of its competitors.

Major measurable and irrefutable USP (Unique Selling Points) for the benefits of consumers

  • An exceptional preservation of the natural nutrients and vitamins of the raw materials;
  • A pretty bright and natural color even after cooking; when all competing pastas see their colors fade into an unappetizing gray once cooked;
  • A pleasant natural taste and a unique chew, when all the other pastas with legumes fall apart when cooked like porridge;
  • To date, these legumes pastas are the only one can cook al dente; and that stay tasty hot, or cold in salads.

Organic export sales increase in Italy with the major multi-channel distributor

By denan,

19 years old already!

In fact, this collaboration is the result of a relationship initiated in September 2004 at the SANA organic fair in Bologna (Emilia Romagna).

Thanks to it, I have introduced there many organic products in Italy..

Essentially, bread products, milk and nut derivatives, gluten-free pasta with legumes (and yes, French pasta in Italy!), protein vegetable preparations, etc…

Already schedules in 2023: launch of 12 new SKUs and …

The introduction of 12 new products will be done in two waves, in January and September.

January sales indicate that the 6 new products for January are already a huge success.

… breaking into 2 new markets !

The launchings within these 2 new networks; pharmacies and para-pharmacies/herbalists on one hand; and the Retail Trade on the other will will be also planned in two strokes.

From the 1st quarter for the supermarkets trade; using a dedicated brand of course.

From May for pharmacies exhibiting with our distributor at the Cosmofarma trade show (05-07/05, Bologna).

Denan & Asso. increases its presence at the 1st Italian organic brand

By denan,
Exportation de produits biologiques en Italie

With this highly technical protein Fitness range

At a time when this brand is reducing its ranges, it is innovation that makes the difference.

320 points of sale with an average of 300 m2 represents a very significant sales potential.

The 3rd European organic market is a priority target for an exporter of organic products.

Within this vast market, the brand is the most sought-after partner.

Denan & Asso. signs the 1st Italian network for this organic cocoa energy drink

By denan,
Exportation de produits biologiques en Italie

With these 320 MSB (organic specialty stores),…

…; NaturaSi offers the most comprehensive and consistent digital distribution in Italy.
To date, the only major chain of supermarkets and organic stores: the Ecor company, at the head of the NaturaSi supermarkets and the Cuorebio stores (organic heart).
Suddenly, a challenge in an elongated territory complex to cover in logistics.

Here is a retailer chain very coveted in Italy, therefore rather difficult to seduce;…

…; without the history and strength of a long-standing partnership with buyers, such as that of Denan & Associés dating from 2004.

When it comes to organic, specialized stores Vs conventional supermarkets are strategic in Italy

Certainly, supermarkets dominate organic sales with 45% of the market share, but specialized distribution (29% organic market share) remains strategic for technical and innovative products.
This is why, in Italy, a successful implementation of specialized organic products involves the specialized stores.

Italy is a flourishing market

This is a sign, 15.8% of the Italian UAA (useful agricultural area) is cultivated organically (around 2 million hectares in 2020).
Against 2.3 million hectares cultivated organically (8.6% of the UAA in 2020) in France.

Italian specific network, the herbalists

There are around 550 herbalists in Italy.

There are no dietary supplements and herbal medicine.