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French gluten-free pasta listed by the first Portuguese organic retail chain

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Pâtes françaises Bio au Portugal

Celeiro is 50 Organic Specialized Stores constituting the first Portuguese organic store brand. Compared to France, this is the equivalent of a chain of 300 outlets ! …

Portugal, a neglected market

Should we ignore this market, just because it is a small country (10.3M inhabitants), whose minimum wage is only €822; and who would have very different consumption habits from ours?

On the contrary, it offers interesting outlets for French organics.

The German Organic retail adopts the Provençal Grissinis

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Exportation de produits biologiques

After Pasta (gluten-free) from Provence, Grissinis!!

The border has never been so porous with our neighbours. It is against another transalpine icon that this organic manufacturer based in Provence is successfully challenging.

Here again, it is innovation that makes the difference to export.

Indeed, these Provençal breadsticks show at least three qualitative changes that have been appreciated:

  1. a crispy lamb’s lettuce then melts in the mouth;
  2. a frank flavoring 100% from the ingredients;
  3. a short recipe with an attractive nutritional balance.

This successful range diversification is the result of a “step by step” strategy

  1. To come firstly with a “spearhead” range concentrating the differentiating know-how of the manufacturer;
  2. Being offered to the export distributor partner the means to protect themselves from competition and to communicate;
  3. Once confidence has been established, unroll its complements to the range.

The first Portuguese organic retailer lists organic food from France

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And chooses its private label for this gluten-free pasta

And 11! The range is expanding and the French manufacturer has established itself with this major organic distributor.

It is in fact the leader in this very technical market niche of gluten-free pasta and more particularly legumes.

45 organic supermarkets including the largest organic surface in the country are concerned

On the scale of this country of 10M inhabitants, this brand offers a unique exposure.

A quasi-hegemonic position.

High willingness to pay for this private label of the Portuguese Organic consumer

Portuguese purchasing power is less than half that of France.

Nevertheless, the consumer does not shy away from the expense of food reputed to be healthy and nutritionally balanced.

A benefit that we undoubtedly owe to the credibility of this private label and to the care given to the label, which is very well argued.

A Provencal Bolognese Vegan tomato sauce doing well in Irish supermarkets

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Exportation de produits biologiques en Irlande

A plant-Based Bolognese Tomato Sauce from Provence

Its recipe remains a mystery for many tomato sauce manufacturers, including transalpine ones, who would have tried to match it.

The secret will obviously not be revealed here.

Once again the French “tour de main” makes the difference.

A distinctive know-how to break into markets by using “niche” entry points.

The distribution of Organic in Ireland is concentrated at 70% in supermarkets

Organic foods benefit from a very broad distribution because it is available in all supermarket chains.

Namely Tesco (140 POS), Dunnes Stores (142 POS), Musgrave Group: Centra (450 POS) & Supervalu (225 POS), Spar (440 POS).

Approach and convince all these buyers from France; impossible mission?

At the very least an inordinate commercial cost.

This is why, once again, the brand of an already well-established wholesaler importer is the solution.

I believe in long term cooperations with common interest sharing goal parteners.

The best of Organic Fine Food in the Benelux

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Exportation de produits biologiques au Benelux

Unique and innovative, this range of organic delicacies with truffles …

Export organic delicatessen! It’s done with this refined set of Organic Truffled Oils & Condiments now available in all Naturata supermarkets.

Naturata, 13 points of sale from 300 to 600m2 both retailers and organic restaurateurs.

A leader in organic distribution for a luxury organic range

The NATURATA chain is owned by the Luxembourg group OIKOPOLIS.

It is the largest and oldest organic player in the region with an MSR of over 30% (GMS 60%, other MSB + direct sales 10%).

A small market by size but not by the level of organic consumption

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (614,000 inhab.) has the 3rd largest GDP / capita in the world (behind Qatar & Monaco) with 109,000 US $ / capita (France n ° 29 with 43,000 US $ / capita).

It is the 4th largest player in the world in terms of organic consumption per capita.

…; € 203 per person / year, behind Switzerland (€ 288), Denmark (€ 278) and Sweden (€ 237); Germany and the USA tied (€ 122). France was 9th in this ranking (118 €). *

De facto, an ideal market for organic delicatessen!

…; which is aimed at bio-consumers with the highest willingness to pay!

( * ) 2017 figures

The French poultry at Swiss starred restaurants

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Le pigeonneau un met de roi

After Benelux and Scandinavia, Switzerland voted for the Bleu Blanc Cœur certified pigeons from Poitou

The importer which listed it serves 80 wholesalers in the 26 cantons, including the starred restaurant of the proud Geneva!

The Pigeons from Poitou kicks put its rivals from large general poultry groups.

David defeats Goliath with a tasty knockout!

Export, a lifeline for this sector in the way for organic certification

The Bleu Blanc Cœur young pigeon breeding sector would not have survived without the persistence and determination of this Poitevine SME.

These new export outlets partly offset the collapse of the catering markets in Europe.

Organic flavored salt in Belgian organic stores & delicatessen

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Exportation de produits biologiques

From extraction salt considered as a mining product to certified organic natural sea salt

If the raw sea salt from Ile de Ré is not yet certified organic – it will be in 2022 – its flavored by-products are.

An innovative organic range of lemon sea salts

Once again, innovation in the service of flavors makes the difference.

This unique range has seduced by its originality and extreme refinement.

Or how to eventize a department without surprises

It illuminates this rather gloomy and monotonous shelf.

When Organic Food is Beautiful & Tasty, it is often made in France!

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A Norvegian leading poultry importer chooses the Bleu Blanc Cœur super label

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A sign of the times, for this niche product, the pigeon, this major distributor favors quality over price.

15 months ago, at the time of the first contact, it was not in the mood to take off this “small” product from his generalist poultry supplier and hand it over to a specialist.

What made him change his mind? Undoubtedly an awareness that he had time to mature during these months of almost shutting down his activity as a wholesaler in the restaurant business.

Bleu Blanc Cœur super label has no equivalent

The pigeons are fed on seeds (flax, lupine, faba bean …) and plants (grass, alfalfa …) which are excellent for their health and for the environment.

Flax, which is very rich in Omega 3, is a natural plant that needs no irrigation, almost no input and which retains greenhouse gases well.

Thanks to this diet, the flesh of the youngsters is tasty, tender, juicy and of great nutritional quality.

Organic French pasta in the German Reformhaus

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Exportation de produits biologiques en Allemagne

The most compétitive market in Europe

By far the most important in volume and served by very efficient wholesalers and distribution; it offers quantitative opportunities which attract the most competitive manufacturers.

This is why it is the most difficult European organic market to break into, and sustain, for a French SME.

The Organic and Good French food is laboriously “bankable” there !

The French organic know-how, a priority given to flavors and noble ingredients, does not compensate for its high pricing facing of the german taste relative rusticity and its ultra-competitive prices.

So, The French organic pasta brand will find its place, but not in German supermarkets

With this extension, the French organic gluten-free pasta brand will have 13 SKUs in the Reformhaus.

This success is due to the responsiveness and innovative capacity of the SME.

Indeed, the 3 new varieties fill market niches neglected by big-biofabs.

Italian supermarkets welcome organic Provençal pastas

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Exportation de produits biologiques en Italie

Innovation can beat the nationalism

And our Italian friends are not exempt from it, expert talking 😉! Why do these experts favor the Gluten-Free Pasta of this French manufacturer?

The only Legumes Pastas you can eat al dente

Thanks to an engineering and innovative production process; these Legume Pastas are the only ones resistant to cooking without crumbling.

As such, in 2016, at the Bio SANA trade fair in Bologna, they obtained the 1st prize in their category, awarded by a jury of experts.

Following organic outlets, mains stream supermarkets with a leading organic private label.

With this branding leader in supermarkets, it is all Italians who will cook organic French pasta. But hush, it’s a secret, let’s not unnecessarily tickle their susceptibility!

Exporting innovative organic products

Once again, qualitative innovation was able to force open the doors of a mass market segment deemed forbidden to an SME