Export of french terroirs food

Organic flavored salts from Ile de Ré in Irish supermarkets

By denan,
Exportation de produits biologiques

Covid effect: In reconversion, this Irish leader in high-end Food Service is entering the Retail market.

Since March 2020, this major Irish player has been at a standstill; the seizure cut off both his legs and left him with an amputation by the wayside. The image is not too strong.

To recover, he chose to capitalize on his very qualitative positioning

It is therefore no coincidence that he chooses one of the fine flowers of the French soil; in this regard, a wide range of Fleur de Sel Flavored Certified Organic from Ile de Ré.
One example among others …
…; which proves that the distinctive quality of our terroirs is proving to be a real economic antidote to the current crisis.

Foie gras terrine and pâtés with Pineau wine in Scandinavian restaurants

By denan,
Pour exporter des produits premium, je conseille depuis 20 ans aux PME françaises de convertir une partie de leur gamme au bio. Nous y réussissons mieux qu'en conventionnel...

French Terroirs acclaimed by  the Scandinavian food service trade

Pâtés and terrine of foie gras find their way to the Danish tables thanks to short recipes combining little processed ingredients with natural flavors and secured origin.

Conventional or organic, we find its values in the French agro-food industry

Indeed, this is what gourmets around the world are looking for,  healthy pleasures.