exporting French terroirs

How to export the French Organic Gourmet Foods?

By denan,
Exportation de produits biologiques en Allemagne

The function of packaging.

A tailor-made range : the products were selected in close collaboration with the importer-distributor

The thunderous highlighting of the Corsican origin served by the graphic charter are the framework of a strong, reassuring, hyper-qualitative, indisputable message;… and at little cost.

Through this range of jams, it is indeed all Corsican organic farming that is featured.

Admittedly this “Corsitude” is hammered but does it not constitute an unequaled singularity of these jams?
It is a bias on the scale of the issue; break into an over-mature market where all products display the same quality points.

Here again, the bias is to make full use of the main communication medium for the end consumer, and the least expensive; the facing. This facing too often overlooked or underused.

Militant and dynamic packaging:

Spotlight on the front of the product
Which card to play?

Basically, it doesn’t matter, as long as it :

  • expresses the originality of the product;
  • be educational on the basis of proven arguments;
  • asserts the product Unique Selling Points.
  • Prefer proof to storytelling
  • Banish verbose narrative catchphrases;… “…for six generations…”, hackneyed advice “…to consume with family or friends…”, the all-purpose qualifiers “…delicious…premium…”; the cold and hollow metalanguage of certain communicators.

On the contrary, let us favor objective and measurable arguments.

Self-proclaiming superior taste is subjective, blah-blah; prove that flavors and health benefits result from ingredients:

  • certified and few in number, it can be seen on their list;
  • of identified origin, it can be labeled by an appellation (AOP, IGP, etc.);
  • transformed by a non-destructive process; it is verifiable on the nutritional table.
  • Attention, this rigor should not rhyme with boredom; fantasy, cheerfulness and creativity remain key fuels.