How to export gourmet food in Europe

In Benelux, priority to the specialized organic retail trade

By denan,
Exportation de produits biologiques aux Pays-Bas

Thanks to the proven partnership (2004) of Denan & Asso. with the Dutch leader in integrated organic distribution.

Integrated because it is both a successful importer-wholesaler serving 400 retailers and the exclusive owner-operator of the largest MSB network (140 POS) in the Benelux.

The choice of Organic Specialized Stores (MSB) Vs conventional supermarkets

It is the truth that in the Netherlands supermarkets hold around 70% of the organic market share. PDM majority owned by the Albert Heijn brand and its dedicated AH Bio brand.

And yet, Denan & Asso. has always focused on MSB’s because the only ones with whom a lasting partnership is possible.

All the Danish retail trade will welcome these French organic pastas branded from an importer-distributor

By denan,
Exportation de produits biologiques au Danemark

An innovative product is nothing without advertising to the consumers

… and therefore the subsequent promotional budget. Private label is the driving force that will bring the mass of consumers to it

A private label is a generic brand, so must promote the USP’s of each product it carries.

It is in the interest of the manufacturer to particularize this private label by providing it with its own USP’s. Why would the distributor deprive himself of this enrichment of his brand?

Where the manufacturer saves on communication and promotion; the distributor saves himself the risks and costs inherent in R&D and industrialization.

the sea salts of the Ile de Ré in the best german gourmet food retailers

By denan,

As always, signing the right local distributor partner is the key to the success of a perennial export

First of all, given its price and its exclusiveness the best of the local distributors is absolutely necessary in order to export French delicatessen. But finally, the difficulty is to approach, seduce and motivate such a partner.

Following the success of a first fortnight in 2016, Kaufhof decides to list to the salt of Ile de Ré and wishes to repeat the offer in the 2017 summer. Probably a strong argument that made possible to decide the importer-distributor with the ideal profile – previously identified and prospected  but which had not previously committed.

Test contract

Consequently, a contract is signed which guarantees the exclusivity to this importer for a period of 6 months, renewable once. Time for both parties to measure the value of a long-term collaboration. Winning bet ! At the end of the first six-month period, the importer is convinced. He wants to promote the products on his stand at the ANUGA fait (Oct 2017) and commit to a long-term agreement.

A distributor introduced into all delicatessen circuits

This one-of-a-kind distributor in Germany – of which it is the 2nd generation which is at the controls – has entries in the whole German gastronomic gratin, whatever the circuits:

The main gourmet stores: Feinkost Käfer, Dallmayr, Kurhausgastronomie, … etc

The department stores with corner groceries: Karsdadt, Kadewe, Kaufhof, Globus, Käfer, Meyer, Scheck, Hieber, etc.

5 star hotels and chains of prestige.