Export in Scandinavia

After 10 years exporting French Gourmet Food in Scandinavia, I know take the advantage of a strong commercial network all over the place!

The French Organic Fair Trade Confectionery in Denmark

By denan,
confiserie Bio française

With an annual expenditure of 227 € (2016), Denmark is after Switzerland (274 € / year) the 2nd per capita organic market place within Europe.

It is thus a priority market where the specialized networks are marginal and the big players the retail trade.

Because the volumes are here, the listing are very hard to get for a SME manufacturer.

The Organic flavored salts from the Ile de Ré are exported in the Finnish retail trade

By denan,
Exporter la Bio françise

To export a very exclusive product of soil in the biological networks

As everyone knows, salt is classified as a mineral product Vs an agriculture one, a,d that’s why it can receive an organic certification (*). And yet …

After audits, this salt from the Ile de Ré has been declared in accordance with Nature et Progrès specifications; then enriched with organic dried herbs, spices and citrus fruit has been awarded the Ecocert Bio certification!

(*) It will be able from 2021 following a recent evolution of the legislation

How an exclusive niche product becomes mainstream in supermarkets

Thanks to an innovative concept called “Herbal Salt”; or how to export salt by recommending to reduce its consumption!

Indeed, the basic export line is “Organic Herbal Salts – Less Salt & More Taste for Your Food”; which gives in developing “Our herbal solutions will help you decrease your salt intake while increasing the flavor of your food”.

This shift in positioning, from the terroir to nutrition and organic, allows us to reach a whole new field of consumers.

Speciality foods from the French terroir are difficult to export because it is expensive and very typical. Only a fringe of savvy consumers and fine gourmets is able to appreciate it. Those who are adapted to a healthy diet.

Once again, it is a French terroir specialty that finds itself exported “in its Bio version”. Indeed, this one is addressed to consumers privileging Quality Distinctive to quantity or price. One more proof that our terroirs have every interest to develop in this market segment that knows how to recognize its attributes of excellence.

A local partnership to access GMS
It is to the brand of the local distributor that the range is referenced by a brand with 900 PDV very invested in the Bio.

Foie gras terrine and pâtés with Pineau wine in Scandinavian restaurants

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French Terroirs acclaimed by  the Scandinavian food service trade

Pâtés and terrine of foie gras find their way to the Danish tables thanks to short recipes combining little processed ingredients with natural flavors and secured origin.

Conventional or organic, we find its values in the French agro-food industry

Indeed, this is what gourmets around the world are looking for,  healthy pleasures.

COOP Denmark lists the French organic pastas for its premium PL IRMA

By denan,

IRMA (80 stores), a premium brand very committed in the Bio

It is a beautiful Scandinavian organic PL that IRMA. Its very neat design symbolizes the rigorous selection and superior quality of the products. This is indeed the case of the French organic legumes pasta that won in Italy (!) the price of the best red lentils pasta.

IRMA belongs to the COOP group (1200 stores), owner of the first Scandinavian organic brand, ÂNGLAMARK

That’s why this PL is strategic, it’s the first step towards the COOP Scandinavian organic super brand, ÂNGLAMARK sticked in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

To export French Gourmet crisps in Scandinavia

By MatthieuBrunet,

Following the buyer tasting evenings held alongside the 2014 PLMA (Amsterdam, May) by Denan & Associates; it is a leading Danish distributor who was seduced by the flavored Provencale gourmet crisps. A test is scheduled in January into all the major Danish retailers. If it is successful, the products will be distributed in a second time in all the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden).

French Duck Rillette in Copenhaguen

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Denmark is the gourmet capital of Scandinavia. In 2014 Michelin guide ‘Main Cities of Europe Copenhagen City quotes 17 Michelin starred restaurants, 2 more more than last year. The network of French bistro is also growing fast with great institutions like Pluto established in an old gas station. From 2005 Denan & Asso. pioneered this promising market and has been for example the origin of the first of traditional Bayonne ham exportations.

After Finland, Australia; it is the turn of Sweden to adopt the seeds to germinate Bio French leader

By MatthieuBrunet,

Only four months after BioFach 2014 the seeds for sprouting Swedish 1st order embodies the buyers meetings organized by Denan & Associates for the French leader of the “Organic Living Foods”. The products will initially being tested on the website of the specialist distributor of Raw Food.

The Raw-Food, more than a revolution a heavy trend of the organic market in 2014!

After the French Lucques and Picholine olivescurrently being tested in Swedish supermarkets, it is the turn of the purple olives to be selected for its Tapas range by the Scandinavian leader

By MatthieuBrunet,

This Scandinavian distributor (1.4 trillion to € CA), leader for deli products and its subsidiary (€ 110 million turnover) specialized in appetizers and snacks sold in the chill corner of the retail trade have selected the famous purple French olives for their new range of tapas offering to this Languedoc based manufacturer a huge display (1500 stores).